Soaking in a Cast Iron Tub for the Relief of Chronic Stress

The world has experienced several tumultuous events in 2020, and a large number of men and women feel ongoing stress because of this. One effective stress-busting strategy is to enjoy a hot bath in a Cast Iron Tub on a regular basis. This is a restful experience that provides physical and emotional benefits.

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is hard on the body and the emotions. It can reduce immunity and increase the risk of illness. It causes muscle tightness and headaches. Chronic stress can lead to depression and anxiety. People become irritable more easily. They may be fatigued for no other reason, yet find it hard to sleep. Warm baths allow the muscles to loosen and a sense of serenity to develop.

In the Bath

In the bath, it’s best to have all the skin immersed in the water up to the neck. That includes the feet and hands. This is one reason why a bathtub larger than standard size is so advantageous.

Additional Atmospheric Features

Additional features placed in the tub and nearby can enhance the relaxing experience. Many individuals like bath oil, bath salts or bubble bath products, for example. They choose scents they find appealing. Simply adding a drop or two of a favorite essential oil creates a favorable aroma. Some fragrances are particularly connected with soothing effects. Chamomile and lavender are just two examples.

Other atmospheric effects can help too. Dimming the lights and having a few candles burning can be pleasant. Perhaps a nightlight would be enough. Some men and women like to read in the tub, though, so they’ll need a light that is bright enough for that. Playing some soft music is another possibility.

Concluding Thoughts

Many cast iron bathtubs are large enough so that taller and heavier people feel entirely comfortable lounging in the water. Yet the tubs are perfectly suitable for bathing the kids as well. A shower can be installed with the tub for household members who greatly prefer this option. Many people like to shower before work but to have a big tub to relax in later in the day. The experience can be truly therapeutic for reducing stress.

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